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Kong family 2
Diddy Kong is one od the most wellknown Kongs so yeah i had to do a page about him. Diddy was known as DK's little buddy and it's true even though microsoft bought rare they narrowed it down to Diddy and Donkey so you may get to know him but i mostly go with Dk64 so it'll be from Dk64. Heres the photo just look down at the bottom left. here is your video too! Listen at the fourth member of the DK crew thats Diddy! When i played this game when i was little when i went to recess at school my friend wich is now Bamkoop9 was Diddy and i was Chunky but anyways Diddy is a fun kinda guy with a jetpack. Have fun on my site bye!
Donkey Kong 64 - DK rap03:21

Donkey Kong 64 - DK rap

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